MVC frameworks, RESTful APIs and an efficient database management


Responsive, intuitive and fast UX/UI solutions using modern JS libraries


Shorter cycles for continuous gains: BDD, PaaS and version control


Lean development, A/B testing or agile methods for MVPs or legacy systems

Who am I?

I have 8 years of work experience in software development and a degree in Bachelor of Technology in IT.

I love to build solutions quickly, measure their results and learn what customers really want. Feel free to contact me if you want to share something about new projects or partnerships.


If you have a question or are interested in developing an application with web technology, I'd be happy to help you. As a full-stack developer I can bring a project from concept to completion. I work primarily with the technologies listed here but learning new languages or frameworks isn't a problem.

I also appreciate lean software development, so if you think the best way to prove an idea is turning it into a reality in the simplest way possible and learning more about your users from the results, let's get in touch.

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